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In order to enhance the awareness of the Indonesian community regarding Sumatran tiger conservation, SINTAS Indonesia collaborates with Tn. Parrot to organize a photo journey program with the theme "Saving the Last Tiger in Indonesia".

Our Goal

Photo Journey

Calling young photographers to join and contribute to the 'Saving the Last Tigers in Indonesia' initiative, offering the extraordinary opportunity of a free journey to Sumatra. The collected photojournalistic works will be exhibited in Padang, Jakarta, and Bali, and published in an e-book to raise awareness about the conservation of the last tigers in Indonesia. Undoubtedly, this activity will provide a unique experience for the youth participants.

Figures Involved in Curating

The following are people who are professionals in photojournalism who will be involved to help select the photos:

Basten Gokkon

(Mongabay Indonesia)

Basten is a full-time journalist based in Jakarta, Indonesia. He mainly writes with fierce passion about environmental issues, but his beats also include human rights, public health and their intersections. He started his journalism career in 2014 at an English-language Indonesian news publication and developed an interest in telling stories from his fascinating home country to the rest of the world. Basten is also an avid traveler who enjoys trekking and scuba diving. The latter has subsequently emphasized his respect for the marine ecosystem and the importance of sustainable fisheries and oceans conservation. He currently writes for award-winning environmental news publication Mongabay.

Sarah Roberts

(This Is Creature)

Sarah is an Author and Environmental Journalist from the U.K. Her career has taken her around the world to cover stories, such as shark fishing in florida to carbon storage technology in Iceland. She has a background in Animal Behaviour, and before working in journalism Sarah specialised in big predators, in particular sharks and grizzly bears. Her work has been featured on TV, online and in written magazines. Sarah’s children’s book are published in over 10 countries in multiple languages.


Kegiatan ini didukung oleh:

  1. Tn. Parrot as the sponsor providing funding kegiatan
  2. SINTAS as the on-field guide (Sumatra)

Tn. Parrot​

Tn. Parrot is a local clothing brand based in Bali that features distinctive Nusantara-inspired designs, encompassing cultural elements, flora, and fauna. Using design as a medium to raise awareness about environmental concerns


SINTAS Indonesia Foundation, established in 2018 by experienced conservation practitioners who have dedicated their professional careers to addressing various conservation issues. SINTAS, which stands for 'Survive' and is an acronym for Save the Indonesian Nature and Threatened Species, was founded with the awareness that the long-term success of preserving Indonesia's natural resources can only be achieved through comprehensive leadership from Indonesian practitioners.